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Fooman, 3 km of village roads, the tea garden

In the past the initial hotel for tea factory and has been following up with respected officials and representatives of provincial and provincial cause motivation to transform factories and tea garden in at the hotel and with a combination of two garden tourism subject and tea there has been.

history: of the property in 58 years for cultivation and tea family Sami to cultivation and work in tea have been.

About Us: Hotel farm road in the beginning of Masouleh beside two historical international castle roudkhan and Masouleh is located.

Hotel facilities: phase I: Enough shop lobby, internet, restaurants, the hall

Phase II: restaurant tomatoes, traditional and classic Iranian covered pool, bodybuilding Hall, room massage, offers an indoor and dry steam (this phase is made and in the future is a utilized. )

advantages of hotel to the other hotels: Hotel near by and the advantage of the tea garden and welfare services with degree 5.

advantages: a covered pool hall multipurpose amphitheater, facilities music, speech for holding assemblies and assemblies or scientific party of modern art gallery and an elevator panoroma

services: 24 hour service Rome with experienced and trained

Tours tourism: At present tour all across the country to visit the two ancient and historical is.

Distance to other centers:

40 minutes distance to Masouleh car (31. 5 miles)
Distance to castle Roodkhan 32 minutes car (23. 5 miles)
Distance to Imamzadeh Mirza 30 minutes walk and 3 minutes by car (2. 5 miles)
Javaher deh 3 hours distance to car (172 miles)
Distance to Masal city 39 minutes car (27. 1 miles)
Distance to salt Abrood  3 hours and 30 minutes by car (215 miles)
distance to the port Anzali 1 hours and 16 minutes by car (72. 6 miles)
Distance to Talesh 1 hours and 15 minutes by car (85. 2 miles)
distance from Lahijan to 1 hours and 16 minutes by car (79. 3 miles)

laws and regulations :

Cost for children under 5 years stay in case of lack of use of the free service and the added 5 years people is calculated

The prices of the food and 15 percent service and 9 percent of the taxes to the value added to be granted


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