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International Exhibition of Goods, Services, Store Equipment & Chain Stores


International Exhibition of Goods, Services, Store Equipment & Chain Stores is a 4 day event being held  at the Tehran Permanent Fair ground in Tehran, Iran. This event showcases products like Acquaintance of the consumers with goods and services attentive to domestic and international standards., 2- The easy and fast shopping prevent on useless shop., 3- Supply of consumers to interest in the chain stores., 4- Arising competition in production to meet the real requirements of the consumers., 5- Reducing the air pollution, deceasing the fuel and power consumption and preventing the waste of time., 6- Acquaintance with presentable services in the chain store., 7- Practical organized control and supervision over the hygiene and health of the goods., 8- The setting price and contrasting the price., 9- The creating satisfaction in producing, distributing and selling network., 10- Acquaintance with the latest of technology in the facilities & equipment in the chain stores., 11- Acquaintance with legal persons and entities whose involved in aspect of management, consultation, planning, construction and maintenance of the chain store., 12- Making organic relation between producers, distributor and consumers etc. in the Industrial Products industry.

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