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Insurance :  

During   your travel in Iran will protect you from beginning of travel to the end .

 When you are intended to visit Iran and choose your tour in Iran   then our travel agency always arrange insurance during your travel in in Iran to cover your medical cases and in the case of any  accident .

Our insurance is beside you during your travel in Iran for following case

** Medical emergency

 ** Medical expenses

** General provision

** Assistance provider and hospitalization

** Body Injury

**Charge of transferring  person to a health care center to an expert team.

 ** Illness

** Jury service

 ** Death

Please kindly note for following :

** During your travel for any case that you need help and assistance for any of above case travel agency immediately should be inform to support and observe the issue .

** In order to let  assistance provider take action as possible listen to his or her advise , he will choose best way surely .


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